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Privacy Policy

1. Registrar

FS Engineering & Oilfield Supply (”Registrar”)
Company Reg. No: 5611598
Address: Unit 12 Kings Meadow, Ferry Hinksey Road, Oxford, OX2 0DP, UK
Phone: +44 1865 246700
Contact person: Safouane Selatnia

This Privacy Policy describes the way how FS Engineering & Oilfields Supply Ltd may collect, hold and use information of individuals who e-mail FS Engineering & Oilfield Supply Ltd through their website

2. The use of personal data

The Registrar handles personal data to the extent required for the following purpose:

• In providing information with regard to FS Engineering & Oilfields supply Ltd products and services

3. The information content and groups of personal data of the register

Information about the contact person and employees of the customers, business partners and media, and information about contact persons and employees of potential customers and business partners and information about the users of FS Engineering & Oilfields Supply Ltd websites can be stored in the database. The following information about the registered can be handled in the register:

• The name of the individual
• Contact details (phone number and e-mail address)
• Technical data which the registered have sent via e-mail and information connected to this

4. The regular information sources of the register

The data is normally collected from the registered with the consent of him or her, or from the organization represented by the registered person. Data is also collected when the customer asks for a registration.

5. Storage of personal data

The Registrar stores personal data only so long as is necessary for achieving the purposes defined in this register description acknowledging the limitations set out in the applicable laws. Due to obligations in the applicable legislation, the data might have to be stored longer than the time period mentioned above. Outdated and unnecessary information will be destroyed in an appropriate way. The data will be marked in the register in the same way as the registered has reported it and the data will be updated when the registered reports an update to the Registrar.

6. Transfer of personal data

The personal data will not be transferred to any third parties. The data is only stored internally within FS Engineering & Oilfields Supply Ltd.

7. Cookies

FS Engineering & Oilfields supply Ltd, do not use cookies to store personal data on their website.

8. The rights of the registered

Right to access The registered has the right to control their data which is being stored by the FS Engineering & Oilfields Supply Ltd website and applications. Any stored personal data is available via user request sent to the admin person available at email address. Right to oppose and limit The registered has the right to oppose the handling of data that concerns the registered if the registered considers that the Registrar has handled the data illegally or that the Registrar does not have the right to handle data concerning the registered. The right to oppose does not apply to the extent if handling of the data is necessary for the Registrar to fulfill its legal obligations or necessary on other legal grounds. Right to eliminate The registered has the right to have wrongful data corrected or imperfect data complemented. The registered also has the right to demand data which concerns the registered to be deleted from the register of the Registrar. The right to eliminate does not apply to the extent handling and storing of the data is necessary for the Registrar to fulfill its legal obligations or necessary on other legal grounds. Prohibition against direct marketing The registered has the right to prohibit that his or her data is used for direct marketing purposes. FS engineering & Oilfields Supply Ltd will not provide individuals details that it holds to any third party without authorization. Right of appeal The registered has the right to appeal to the competent regulatory authority in case the Registrar has not complied with the applicable regulation of data protection. Other rights If data is handled on the basis of the consent of the registered, the registered has the right to withdraw the consent by informing the Registrar about this in accordance with section eleven in this privacy policy.

9. Contact

The registered may send a request regarding the registered’s rights to the e-mail address mentioned in section 1. The Registrar may ask the registered to specify the request and to prove the registered’s identity before the enquiry is handled. The Registrar can refuse to fulfill the request on grounds specified in the applicable legislation. Registrar will answer the request within one (1) month from the date when the request was made.

10. Automatic decision making and profiling

The data in the register is neither used for automatic decision-making nor for profiling.

11. Principles for protecting the register

Protecting registered data is important for the Registrar. The data is stored in electronic systems, which are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical solutions. Only the staff of the Registrar and other defined persons who need the data for the purposes of performing their assignments have access to the register. We ensure at all times strict confidentiality when processing personal data.

12. Changes in the privacy policy

The Registrar is constantly developing its business and therefore reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy by informing about this on its website. Changes may also need to be made because of changes in the applicable legislation. Registrar recommends the registered individuals to familiarize themselves with the privacy policy on a regular basis. (The privacy policy is updated 30.5.2018)